Date of Contract

Built-up area:

8,000 m2

Yaqoub Behbehani Bone Marrow Transplant Hospital, Kuwait

The demand for treating blood diseases in Kuwait has increased considerably in the last decade. Therefore, the Ministry of Health (MOH) has decided to use the donation of the late Mr. Yaquob Behbehani to build a Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) Center supported by all the Specialized Laboratories that are required for such type of treatment.

The Medical Center is a three storey building, covering a gross area of 8,000 m2 and comprises the following facilities:


-Outpatient Dept. of 6 clinics

– Medical Records

– Pharmacy

In-patient Wards:

– One-Day Ward (Three, 3-bedded patient rooms)

– BMT Isolation Ward (9 single- bed patient rooms)

-Normal Inpatient Wards (6 single-bed rooms for Female& Pediatrics patients ,5 single-bed rooms  for Male patients.)

Bone Marrow Bank

Specialized Laboratories:

-Special Hematology and Blood Bank


-Pathology, Cytology and EM

-Microbiology Lab

-Clinical Biochemistry Lab

-Biology Lab

-Immunology Lab

-Stem Cell Lab

The project has been fully engineered to facilitate a potential expansion of 1,950 m2 in the future without compromising the operation of the main facility during the future expansion activities.

Design is expected to be completed in 2009 whereas construction completion is expected in 2011.