Date of Contract

Built-up area:
65806 m2

Est. cost:
$ 105,800,000

Salalah Gardens Mall, Oman

The project spreads over a 65,492 m2 site on Rabat Street. It comprises a single level mall, a hypermarket, a Theme Park, entertainment and 3-level, 168 serviced apartments overlooking a 10,000 m2 inner courtyard which acts as the hub for the entire development.
The project architecture is reinterpreted Omani style on the exterior with a modern interior inspired by local vocabulary. The project is expected to become the lung through which Salalah breathes.

Built-up area is 65,806 m2 with a 20,268 m2 basement in addition to ~ 70,000 m2 of surface parking and landscaping.


2014- Received “Quality Award for Projects”  by MEED