Date of Contract

Built-up area:

Est. cost:

$ 5.5 Million

It was a challenge for the design team in Option One to provide a number of 39 apartments & suites in such small plot. The second achievement was providing the required parking for this number of apartment as parking is essential for the success of the project. The plot area is 806 m2 & located in a prime location in Salmiyah area. The location has good accessibility since it is located directly on 5th ring road.

The project consists of 13 typical floors, each floor has 2 apartments (one bedroom) + one suite unit, the suite can be merged with one of the two apartments to make 2 bedroom apartment, and this flexibility in units’ mix will improve the rent occupancy. The Ground floor contains Gym & entrance lobby in addition to commercial shop. The roof has outdoor swimming pool. The parking is divided between basement & Ground.

Since the building elevation is facing south, the design has used advanced high-tech details & efficient glazing to save energy. We believe, with the exterior & interior image, the building will form an iconic feature in the area.