Date of Contract

    Built-up area:
    150000 m2

    Est. cost:
    170,800,000 $

    American University of Kuwait Master Plan-Ardiya Campus

    The new campus of AUK is located in Ardiya and planned on a 150,000 m2. The new Master Plan will accommodate 6,000 students when completed. The faculties to be developed and their associated programs include: Business and Economics; Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Sciences and Engineering. An Intensive English Program is also included as a mandatory undergraduate course. The new campus will also include an administration Building that is together with the Performance Art Building will create the main gateway to the campus.

    Other major buildings include a Library and a University/Student Center. The new campus will also include a covered Sports Center and open sport facilities including soccer field and several tennis, volley ball and basket ball fields. Housing is also planned for Staff and Students. Other support facilities include Campus Operations & Physical Resources Building; a Central Plant; a multi-storey Car Park; Surface Parking and lush Landscaping. The Master Plan features a series of small inner courtyards with all educational buildings sharing in a major courtyard in the center of Campus.