Date of Contract:

Built-up area:
60,000 m2

Est. cost:

$ 170,800,000

American University of Kuwait Master Plan- Salmiya Campus

The primary challenge around which the current campus is re-planned was how to create a primarily vertical, urban “Student campus” that caters to the long-term needs of the entire region;  a university that can compete with international institutes worldwide and become a destination for quality learning in the region.

The planning of the campus was inspired by the challenge of how to effectively translate AUK’s liberal arts mission into a physical form that is simple, yet sophisticated, contemporary, yet culturally relevant. The resulting planning & design proposals create a striking new vision that meets AUK’s expectations, Allowing the designed project to effectively translate AUK’s liberal arts mission into a physical form that is simple, yet sophisticated, contemporary, yet culturally relevant. The project program for the expanded and remodeled AUK campus can be broadly categorized into five groups:

a) Four Schools namely: business and language education, humanities & social sciences, sciences & engineering and fine & performing arts.

b) Daily life shared facilities namely: sport facilities; namely the Indoor Sports Arena on top of Auditorium.

c) Building support and services namely: central plant and campus operations and physical resources.