Date of Contract

Built-up area:
12000 m2

Est. cost:
15,800,000 $

Ahli United Bank (AUB) New HQ’s, Bahrain

“Balance” is the word that was identified by AUB as Key to success of their new HQ’s construction of which has started in July 2002. Balance between the need to provide equal focus on staff, place & technology. Balance between the need for the architecture of the new HQ’s to reflect an imminent image of a youthful & rapidly growing bank.

The design, as Mr. Adel Ellebban, AUB’s Group CEO & Managing Director put it, needed to be playful, yet graceful, futuristic yet culturally relevant. The result was an innovative breakthrough, a striking new image for AUB.


Staff will park their vehicles in the attached multi-story car park garage and conveniently proceed to their respective office space of over 10,000 m2 through an air-conditioned glass bridge that crosses a naturally litlarge central atrium. Within the central atrium, customers can enjoy banking in the transparent Banking Hall that opens to the atrium.

The sinuous, wavy façade in the front reflects the progressive, non-conformant attitude of the bank whereas the tediously straight long wall symbolizes AUB’s perseverance and its purposeful, businessoriented culture.

The grand wall plays another metaphoric role in reminding us of “Bahrain’s” own name that it assumed after Islam. The grand wall symbolizes the “Barzakh”, the barrier that separates the “Sweet Water” from the “Salt Water”.

AUB’s new HQ’s includes state-of-the-art IT, telecommunication, multimedia and security facilities needed for modern banking.

2011 – Received award for “Best Office Architecture – Arabia” by International Property Awards
2011 – Received award for “Best Office Architecture – Bahrain” by International Property Awards