About Option One:

OPTION ONE INTERNATIONAL WLL (01) is a Project Management firm that has an exclusive association with the A/E firm of Option One International Consultants. The association was established in early 2002 by Hakam Jarrar and Raad Al-Abdallah to reinvigorate the concept of personable, boutique-like, professional service where the client can still deal directly with the partners and feel that his project is well attended by the firm’s first tier. For this purpose, 01 has decided to limit its active projects to only 6 per annum. This guarantees a strong start, focused effort and a seamless design approach resulting in a well-detailed and documented project. Growth, though a long-term objective for 01, is not an overriding goal. Notwithstanding the above, 01 has grown to the critical mass of 120 professionals and wants to keep it this way in order to ensure quality. At 01, our financial acumen makes us more than a conventional PM/A/E team; it makes us real partners to our clients in our mutual quest for achieving and exceeding their business goals. We are a progressive, non-conventional team that has managed in a relatively short period of time to bring a breath of fresh air to Kuwait and the region at large.